Airbas, Mavee – AVILO REMIX

Out on: Villahangar


Avilo (Luca Guerrieri Remix)

Airbas, Mavee, Luca Guerrieri

Avilo (Airbas Remix)

Airbas, Mavee

Avilo (StereoBeach Trip Lounge Remix)

Airbas, Mavee, StereoBeach

Avilo (Matt Sawyer Remix)

Airbas, Mavee, Matt Sawyer

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We are arrived ah the end of our Avilo’s trip, We started off from the ibiza beaches with the original version ”PlayaDemBossa Mood” , than we have met Luca Guerrieri, Matt Sawyer, Airbas and StereoBeach, that they played on their way Avilo !

Luca Guerrieri plays the track with summery sounds, recalling a bit the original Avilo’s concept, adapting it to the season.

Airbas wanted to give a more electronic interpretation to his journey. The sonorities recall to the progressive ambient from where the purity of electronic sound arrived. Powerful rhythm, with breaks that leave space to the melody of the song.

Matt Sawyer Playing with the rhythms and notes that characterize the song, in this case the interpretation draws much of Avilo’s original sound, only changes the pause, like a kind of jump into the vacuum, until to the drop that brings the song to the groove.

StereoBeach has completely revisited the song in a Chillout Rock mood, which recalls the late 80’s, mixing it with  the downbeats. A very impressive mood and also an interpretation that give the right value to the original.


Release: VHR014

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