Airbas feat. Maria Angeli – Always Dreamed



Always Dreamed (feat Maria Angeli)

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Airbas, Maria Angeli

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This track’s sound is soft and connected to the deep house world. The main pad, which you can hear at the beginning of the song, sounds both warm and melancholic and has been written in the studio with an analog synth; the piano and the guitar have been recorded with some musicians’ support. The track was harmoniously built on a low melancholic pitch, which has been enriched with seventh and ninth chords to give it a more peculiar shade; in this way the track gets nearer to the mood expressed by the singer and it gives it a stronger intention. The voice hasn’t been modified with effects like it’s usually done in deep tracks. It has in fact been kept clean and clear instead in order to enhance the singer’s qualities. Sudden breaks, a very represented and not very rhythmical bass with some simple percussions markedly lead the track to the progressive house field.


Release: 018

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